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 Naturally Unnatural

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PostSubject: Naturally Unnatural   Fri Jun 03, 2016 8:55 pm

Gotham City has always been a place where crime and corruption runs rampant. Since the turn of the 20th and even into the 21st century's, Gotham City Police, judges, attorneys, and other political figures have been on the mob's and other crimelords' payrolls. They do whatever the mob or whoever pays them enough wants them to do.

Despite the hardships the good people of Gotham endure, there have been those to rise above and fight the evil. Branded as Vigiliantes by those they fight against, the people of Gotham call them heroes. Leading this group of heroes is none other than the Dark Knight himself, Batman.

Gotham City is, to this very day, still filled with crime and corruption. The battle for the city rages on as the family-led crime families fight each other. Various Super Criminals that have risen to power, or who have escaped Arkham Asylum, are also battling not only each other, but the crime families as well. The heroes who protect the city are caught in the middle as they fight to protect the innocent while trying to preserve justice.

Will you choose to be a hero and fight the evil in the city, or choose to be the evil in a bid for power?

Or, will you be a civilian simply caught up in all of the chaos?

The choice is yours.

** Criminals, Super-Criminals, Civilians, & Law Enforcement Wanted!! **
* Beginner to Advanced role-play *
* Character & Member-driven storylines *
* Friendly Staff *
* No word count *

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Naturally Unnatural
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