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 Marvel/DC Fractured Reality

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Fractured Reality

PostSubject: Marvel/DC Fractured Reality   Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:11 pm

In 1996 an incident occurred that shook the essence of creation to its very core and ultimately shaped what would happen to our world and all we know years later. This incident brought across the heroes and villains of two separate multiverses, pitting them against one another in a short but devastating conflict. Out of this conflict a protector rose, a keeper of the balance between multiverses. Axel Asher, a man who could move between the multiversal planes who used his powers and connection to the spirits of different dimensions to help head off overlap and the possibility of complete annihilation of one or more realities.

Axel Asher is now dead…

Axel Asher was murdered…

No one knows by who or how or even why but his death severely weakened the barriers between the multiverses… Axel’s death,though not the direct cause of merger, contributed in what is now known as The Event.

The Event occurred in the early half of 2016. No one knows the specific date or even if it happened all at one time but the results were all too clear. As before two multiverses came together though this time there was no guardian to keep balance. The barriers came crashing down and a new world was born. The Event touched everything and everyone in one way or another. Changes big and small… Histories reformed to accommodate the new state of being… Confusion and chaos burned out of control until the governments of the world (at least on earth) stepped in to rein in everything. With the help of heroes from seemingly two different worlds peace was tentatively restored. Fear and confusion still pervade across the Earth and even into the deepest reaches of space.

Peace and Order stands on the knifes edge with chaos and destruction an ever present possibility.

What will be the future of this new dimension? What is the fate of this Fractured Reality? Only you can decide from here on out…
Marvel/DC Fractured Reality is a crossover fiction (both comicverse and movieverse) RPG forum. We are a new site to the scene but are dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the old style play by post forum RPG experience. We warmly welcome and accept all levels of text based roleplay skill encouraging both first timers and veterans to play and enjoy.

We are primarily a Canon character site however we do allow O/Cs (Original Characters) after a player has fulfilled certain criteria (see Game Rules for details).

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Marvel/DC Fractured Reality
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